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Relief distribution program in Bhojpur

Project supported By:  INUS

The coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic has been still the crucial global health ruin of our time. It hit in the number of sectors like especially health, tourism, trade and production linkages, supply. This worldwide threat has already created economic uncertainty among all of us. People are worried as still, we don’t know much about this deadly virus and how deep and widespread the monetary fallout will be.

Project site village is situated in the high mountain; people here are struggling with problems like hunger, unemployment, child mortality rate, child marriage, and much more.

Medical Supply support to Temporary Covid Hospital in Bhojpur

Whatever the situations and reasons, our CWs have been working hard in a different way all the time without rest at all. They have been working in their way and impacting the community through missions work including social work like helping with the medical stuff to Covid-19 Temporary hospital, food supplies, helping, providing counseling facilities to the worried people, taking emergency sick persons to hospital many more likewise community workers it’s helping to develop holistic development in the communities in Nepal continually. Bhojpur is one of the urban municipalities of Bhojpur District of Province No. 1 of Nepal where one of INNP CW Robert Subedi dwell and is involved in mission work. At the place Due to Covid-19 vulnerable people need relief support like medical stuff and food support to overcome this phase. 

INNP through its CW, Robert Subedi has been able to provide medical supplies to Temporary Hospital on 29th of June, 2021.  Although, the hospital can treat only 50 patients,  more than 130 people are checked every day for the Covid symptom. Due to the inadequate equipment and medical supplies, the local hospital has to turn away patients contributing to the rising covid cases in the poor village. Many mildly symptomatic COVID-19 patients stay at home for isolation and do not get timely medical care, leading to the spread of the illness among family members. Now, the local community is heavily benefited from urgent medical stuff.

In the process of relief distribution,  CW coordinated with the Government authorities and local stakeholders. In the process of relief purchases and relief distribution, CW Robert worked wisely as he got the approval letter from a local Government authority, volunteer team helped to organize the medical stuff handover events on June 29, 2021. CW Robert handed over the below following medical supplies to the District Coordination committee coordinator, Sub-Mayor and Hospital in-charge

The event went very well and the hospital management committee appreciated CW and IN for help in such a crisis.

Food Items distribution:

Other hands, foodstuffs distributed on June 26, 2021 Covid-19 affected twelve neediest families. Now, they can manage to sustain to run the family on average 15 days with the distributed foodstuffs. We come to know that local magazines covered such merit news. All these 12 families are covid infected and live below the poverty level with an income of less than 5$ per day. All the families have more than 5 members and with the covid and loss of income,  they struggled even for basic food items.  Our CW Robert Subedi reached out to them with the food in the dire need situation.  The food items support meant a lot even though it was enough to sustain for 15 days. 



25 families recieved improved seeds and plastic tunnel

IN Nepal Livelihood programme: 25 families received improve vegetable seeds and 8 families also get supported with plastic tunnel. Hope this small support turned into great blessing to these 25 families. Mr. Ishwor , Ward Chairman of Sunkoshi Gaunpalika ward no. 7 has distributed improved seeds and plastic tunnel. On the same occasion , Nrs 25000 /- ( Rupee twenty-five thousands ) has been handed over to farmer group.

Ward chairman handover improved seeds to group members
Farmer group learning one another during monthly meeting