Youth & Children Welfare Program

This is a sponsorship program which was started in 1982 in Nepal with the first 2 children. The number of Sponsoring Global Partner is also started to increase from USA to five other countries such as Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Netherland and Czech Republic. Main objective of YCWP is to provide support fund to children from poor, needy and backward families despite of caste, creed and religion for their welfare, education and bright future. To support a child is like lighting a lamp of education in his/her life. This program is running on individual sponsorship. There is an emotional relationship built up in between the sponsors and child on the basis of 4 quarterly reports that are sent to sponsors each year.
So far, more than 2,800 children have been benefitted. More than 80 percent of the sponsored children have successfully completed their studies. Almost all the children are found to be involved in the fields of teaching and nursing professions and some are working in shops as well. Some of the Ex- children are studying in USA, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia with the generous support of other people and working as well. At present, there are more than 400 sponsored children studying from primary to bachelor levels.